Advice and guidance for Start Ups and new businesses

Have you taken the leap into business ownership? Need a helping hand?

Agents of Innovation can provide key business advice and tool kits for Start Ups including marketing, branding, customer engagement, revenue streams and operations.

Whether it is a one off consultation or a tailored series of from our Jump Start Program, Agents of Innovation can be your partner in building your idea into the venture of which you have always dreamed.

We can provide advice and tool kits on

- Branding and Marketing

- Strategy and Vision

- Customer Service

- Sales and Operations

- Organisational Structure and Modelling


Business coaching and strategy for established businesses

Is your business ready for a review? Looking for some new ideas or direction? We can work with you to take a look at your current business model and together come up with innovative and exciting new opportunities. 

Your business is dynamic and taking the time to step back and see the bigger picture is helpful to build to the future. 

At Agents of Innovation, we collaborate with you and your teams to strategise on the next steps for your business, providing an objective opinion on your business using our Stop, Start Continue Program.

We look at your current key performance indicators, delve into the current blocks in the business and work with you to make opportunities a reality. 

Using Agents of Innovation will provide your business with a breath of fresh air.  

Agents of Innovation can provide:

  Business Health Check Consultation.

  Ongoing Business Coaching and Collaboration.