Introducing ….Jessica McDonald is a Change Management and Leadership specialist who has worked in the Retail Industry for 17 years.  Jessica’s skills range from organizational change and strategy to vision setting, training and coaching with a specific view to increased sales.  Jessica has amassed an impressive body of international experience in Europe, Japan and the greater Australasian region, thus bringing a natural flexibility and proven adaptability to the varied professional situations she engages in.

Her positive and open approach inspires those around her to change direction and to become conversant in healthy debate.  She has the unique ability to bring seemingly disparate groups of people together to thus collaborate on a mutually agreed common goal.  Jessica’s ability to win the hearts and minds of others allows her to get to the sources of conflicts and encourage group members to uncover solutions.  Jessica’s unifying, collaborative approach seeks to find real and effective resolutions to blocks and barriers and restore harmony to teams.

Most importantly, Jessica loves working with people and is passionate about finding out what motivates individuals on the road to helping them to realize their potential.  Jessica’s extensive transnational experience is central to her to ability to quickly adapt to new business cultures and to embed and immerse herself in unique group dynamics.

Her positivity and desire for effective outcomes drives her forward – constantly looking for ways to improve and innovate. Having a strong creative streak, working with Jess is fun, upbeat, ‘out of the box’ and dynamic. Yet there is also a strong sense of delivering on the bottom line and making things work.


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Topics include:

- Building Teams

- Transformational Change

- Overcoming Challenges

- Building Trust - particularly when dealing with people from different cultures and backgrounds. 

- Running a Family Business

Innovation is about building upon existing foundations, to stay relevant, stay ahead of the pack and to be unique. You must take the best bits of the thing, remove the parts not working, reshape it, test it and trial it, pull apart and fit back together so that it is different and better than before. It requires creativity, imagination, some risk, emotional connection, integrity and finding your core values. This is what I see as innovation and it can be applied to anything!
— Jessica McDonald, Founder